Mario’s Air Conditioning & Heating

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Hudson
Address 6841 Amberjack Ln
Phone 7278439598

Mario’s Air Conditioning & Heating Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2014

I called Mario's because he had an ad that said no service charge. Since I was short on money, I called him. He came and said that the air conditioner was leaking freon. It would cost between $600.00 and $1000.00. This AC is only 4 years old.

He said I needed a part that was under warrenty. He took the part and when he was not returning in a few days, I had no choice but to call another AC company. This happened in January 2014 and it was freezing in my mobil home.

The second man said he could do nothing because Mario had the warrenty part. I called Mario back and he said that it was cancelled. I said to come back because I needed to have that part put back in.

I had emergency heat and that was all. I finally found someone else to come and give me an estimate. The man came and noticed that there ws a screw drilled into the coil of my AC. When I confronted Mario he denied it. He refused to give me back any money. I called the sheriff and was told it was a civil matter.

That was a crime committed right there. No one else saw that AC but Mario's Air Conditioning & Heating. He is a liar and he must be stopped. I found out that his rating with BBB is F and he had a lot of compkaints. I do not know what else to do. I did get my AC fixed and it was only $300.00.


Port Richey, Fl

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