Mark Carmel, Immigration Lawyer

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City West Palm Beach
Address 301 Clematis Street #3000
Phone 561-459-7207

Mark Carmel, Immigration Lawyer Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2015

I soon was unhappy that i gave someone the name of mark carmel. I had first used this lawyer for filing forms for my wife with immigration. At first i was happy with the service as he did what he said for the price quoted. I then stared to give referrals to him and his immigration law firm. I assisted the two girls referrals with the visa papers and acted as a go between with them and this "lawyer". The referrals had limited english, so i wanted to help them with their visa extension as the wife liked them.

Well the "immigration attorney" said the price was so much and the referrals paid him in full. Then mark carmel contacted me and said everything was done and complete. A little bit of time later mark carmel contacted me and said he needed more money or he would not do the job and it would not be finished. We are only talking about filing a one page request for an extension of a visitor visa that takes 5 minutes to fill out.

So he charged them twice before he would do what he promised. I called him and left messages and wrote him emails and he would not call me back as i tried to explain the situation that they had paid him. He finally wrote me back and basically said they needed to pay again or nothing gets done.

Well the girls paid him again and i looked like a fool giving hima referral. The wife was mad that i was made a fool of. I gave the girls $100 each as a partial refund. By the way carmel contacted me and asked me why the bad review? I told him and he never said sorry or misunderstanding and maybe a refund...Nothing.

His bar membership is new york. I wanted to file a complaint with the bar. In florida if you want to file a complaint against a lawyer with the florida bar then you need to sign a gag order agreement and never talk about what happened to you. That makes it easier for the lawyers to sweep everything under the rug.

Do not trust mark carmel attorney for immigration

Do not trust immigration lawyer mark carmel

  • Dec 29, 2014

if you get bad services about Mark Carmel , send me message in [email protected]

for regroup complaint in bar of florida.

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