Mark Christopher Auto Center

Country United States
State California
City Ontario
Address 2131 E Convention Center Way
Phone 909-390-2900

Mark Christopher Auto Center Reviews

  • May 25, 2015

This dealer uses false advertisements to get your personal information.

Came in with my 78 year old mother. Test drove the advertised car. Verified the lease payments.

The "GM" Mike came to us and said the ad in the times was wrong (how convenient) & if we wanted the car my 78 year old mother would need to come up with $870 more to get the deal.

We showed him the ad, his response was "I am not going to honor it & go file a complaint with the DMV" he further explained the DMV does not care about the consumer because the car dealerships keep them in business.

Keep in mind this conversation took place after the dealership obtained all my mothers personal information including copies of her drivers liscence.

After we explained to Mr. Mike that we were not going to pay the extra money and the add was a fraud. He escorted us to the door and threatned to call the police and have us removed as we were effecting his potential sales.

We respectfully left the property.

Mr. Mike and his staff all came outside to laugh and make harassing commets directed to me and my 78 year old mother.

This dealership has zero morals and operates a fraudlent operation.

Do your self a favor and stay away!!!!!

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