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  • Mar 26, 2015

Director/production manager sent me this, we got a correspondance from someone named "Mark Clark" from Chicago, first e-mail reads like this:

"Hello, This is Mr Mark texting from Chicago, i will like to know if you're available to do Ballet Dance, because i will like my kids to do Ballet Dancing with you in your studio, and let me know how much is going to cost me. And do you accept credit card for payment.."

Next one just reeks of fraud, the story is just so bizzare:

"Thanks for the response, I want to let you know that a charter bus driver will be driving my Girls from Arkansas to your studio for the Dance Lesson, and I want to let you know that i'm texting from Nursing home in Chicago because, My mom need a surgery and i need to stay with her for some days but don't worry as soon as the Dr finished the Surgery, I'm going to show up in your studio, Let me know if you can begin the Dance lesson for my Girls..And I will like to make an appointment for Ballet dance lesson for my 5 Females kids and 10 Nieces and Nephews , there names and ages of the girls are, Cathy-19, Leah-17, Wendy-22, Monica-20, Patricia-19, Susan-21, Nancy-23, Linda-18, Brenda-22, Pamela-18, Carolyn-16, Amanda-20, Debra-22, Alice-19, And the Dance Styles i want for them is, Romantic ballet, Classical ballet, Neoclassical ballet, Contemporary ballet, and I want you to do the dance for 1 or 2 month's, or you can advise me on how many days, weeks, and month's they going to use to learn it, So they can understand..Let me know your advise and cost. Thanks


She asked for their phone number on how he initially texted us since we got this via e-mail, as you can see, no answer in the reply.

Then we got this, despite the fact that all the info is on the web site:

"Ok, No Problem about that, but i will like you to get me random cost for the dance training and let me have the studio address so i can forward it to the Bus driver that will bring my girls down to the studio.

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