Mark E. Bradshaw

Country United States
State Aruba
City Irvine
Address 100 Spectrum Drive, Suite 600

Mark E. Bradshaw Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2015

Santa Ana Federal Court Judge Albert Disgorges fees paid and denies 100% of fess for services provided by Mark E. Bradshaw. On Oct 22, in Santa Ana Federal Court Judge Albert agreed with US Trustee that the work of Mark E. Bradshaw and the rest of the charactors at the law firm of Bastian, Bradshaw, Hodges, and Juwman performed no value to the reorganization of the esate of Steve Sedgwick.

What was most shocking for me as a client was to realize that I was being billed for work that was never provided and that Mark E. Bradshaw placed his own incompetence, lack of respect of the law and complete denial of factual findings the court had agreed to protect himself and the entire law firm.

Mark had continued to blame everyone he could posssibly think of and even after the Judege found incompetent work provided agruedd publicly that he would be vindicated. In the end he nor his partners could face Judge Albert and continiue the lie that permtuated over months.

To think that competent lawyers would place themselves above the law and believe their time is worth 600.00 a hour must go to ones head. I was happy Judge Albert recocognized the law, evidence and the importance that counsel has to provide the truth to its clients was a message he wanted the entire OC legal commjunity to hear about. The several articles in the Daily Journal reported on this case in late October.

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