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Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Jacksonville
Address 5115 San Juan Av
Phone 9043876503

MG Credit Reviews

  • Dec 1, 2014

Im being hit with a $813.00 by this company for medical bill I had 7 years ago.... I had medicaid at the time so they had no right coming after me and ruining my credit the way they have!!!! Iv'e tried several times to get in touch with them and giv them my insurance information for that time period and they refuse to get back in contact with me!!! I am sick of places like this thinking they can rip people off the way they have!!!! I will be contacting an attorney and suing these stupid people!!!

  • May 12, 2014

My account from Borland Grover Clinic was sold to them after missing ONE payment. I had been communicating with BG Clinic to let them know I would be missing the payment. I sent the following months's payment, they cashed the check and still sent me to MG Credit.

I received a call from Glen, who was very unprofessional and expected me to pay the entire balance that day. I was a little taken off guard, because I wasn't even aware the account at been sold. First, MG had the wrong balance on the account. I had to go through my records and contact GB Clinic and then get back with them to get the balance corrected. Each time I dealt with Glen, he was the same - very unfriendly and unprofessional. However, I wanted to pay the debt, it's mine. I am not disputing that.

I set up a promise to pay with Glen and was told I would be receiving a letter from MG with all the information. I have never received anything from them. Even after calling several times and being called a liar by Glen. He said he had proof I received the letter. Considering I talked to him once or twice a week for 3 weeks trying to get everything straightened out, I don't see why would lie about getting the letter.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and got Denise. She also wasn't very friendly, but was definitely an upgrade from Glen. She said she would notate the account so I would not have to deal with Glen anymore.

I asked for another letter to be sent and took care of two months of payments, just to not have to worry about it. I call today to try and make a payment and tell them I still have not received a letter from them. I am basically called a liar again and told they show I got the letter. Unless they are sending it certified, I don't know how they would know that. Oh well. So, they try to send me to Glen again today and I basically tell them I will not deal with them. The person who answered the phone basically tells me that I have to deal with Glen, because it's his account. I tell them, either I deal with someone else or I don't pay.

They put Denise on the phone, who basically calls me a liar again about the letter. Then tries to tell me I do not have payment arrangements for $50/month set up. She also says that I have not paid since Feb and I am due for March. (I paid $100 in Feb to take me good through April.)

She gave me the address to send in the payments, so I am just going to do that from now on, because dealing with them is such a pain. They don't have their crap together and they are so rude

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