MGR Freight Systems RD Expedited

Country United States
State Illinois
City Justice
Address 8750 82nd Pl
Phone 708-670-7287

MGR Freight Systems RD Expedited Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2015

1. When they recruited me they told me I'd not pay for registration of my truck. I ended up paying. They took it from my check with no consent. I protested the charge and they promised to give it back to me. The lady who promised me is Mira. I had to wait and do the calling as usual when you have a problem with finances and that never came. One day I decided to go to Oregon to buy my trailer. On the way they called me and told me to buy their own. I way so stupid to accept their shady deals. I took their trailer after they asked me to pay for a downpayment and I told them no, I don't have it. After 2 weeks I saw on my settlement a refund of 1500 which they said was a registration only to be used as a downpayment for the trailer. Hahahaaaaa it's a movie. I returned the trailer to be refunded my money, NOT UNTIL TODAY. 2. My last load has not been paid to date. This load was going to Canada. The boarder patrol couldn't clear me because of their sophisticated paperwork issues. I was hired by RD Expedited and was at the same time under MGR. I was pulling MGR trailer and running under RD Expedited Authority which is one company with MGR. MGR is bonded and allowed to go into canada but not RD Expedited. What happened was, I was turned around with the load and told to h*o back. I told MGR and they promised to send a driver with MGR truck and Authority to take the load Into Canada. They promised to pay me for the load and time spent at the boarder waiting for a driver. I waited and the driver never showed up, so I had to take the load back to the yard. Before I returned the load, Mira promised to give me all the monies She promised for the load and detention. To date no payment. Drivers should ask about this company. They will run you like a donkey but earn nothing.

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