MH Acceptance corporation

Country United States
State Bermuda
City Elkhart
Address 118 s. 2nd street
Phone 556464642

MH Acceptance corporation Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2014

I purchased a mobile home through these rip off artists. When we bought our home, we were initially told that it was a 1997 model only to find out later that it was a 1992, 5 years older then we agreed to purchase. We were also promised a payment book when we signed the 1 and only document that they provided us with. Well we never received a payment book or a monthly billing statement. Then after 8 years of living here, I started to notice bad repairs that were made just to cover up damage, but not actually fix the problems. Like they painted over Black Mold instead of cutting the infected area out and replacing it. I have also been requesting documents like a monthly billing statement and a 1098 E interest statement for the last 8 years, all request have met with a flat out refusal, telling me that they are a financial lender not a mortgage company so they are not required to provide me with those documents so I refused to pay my trailer payment until I received them. Then the documents that they sent me were merely typed numbers on company letter head. They were not the properly formatted documents that the Truth in Lending act requires a lending institution to supply to the borrower. They also own the trailer park that we live in. For 6 of the last 8 years that my family has lived here, we have had to deal with a raw sewage leak. The sewage has been flowing freely across our lot to the point that my family can not even enjoy spending time out in our yard. I have reported them 3 times to the health department and I am still refusing to make my payment until I receive the proper documentation. Up until last month we made our payment every month and now I welcome the chance to go to court. Here at my trailer park I have started a petition to file a class action law suit against MH Acceptance corporation which is their new name for their predatory lending practices. They changed it in 2011 but didn't tell us until last year. I would welcome anyone who would like to join in on this action. You are welcome to join even as a car buyer. After reading all the posts about this company, they cheat everyone. Preying on the less fortunate and I want them stopped. I am still looking for an attorney but the more people that want justice the more lawyers will want to jump on this case. Contact me via this site if you are interested. Simply make a post or reply and I will be notified. I am interested in finding an attorney to take this case on. MH Acceptance owns several mobile home parks in the midwest along with owning several car dealerships. Their unfair treatment of the poor people that they deal with is notorious. There is probably several ex-managers that would also like to be involved, our park has gone through 13 just in the last 8 years. They seem to fire them after they start to question there business tactics, and after they fire them, they make them move from the park that they were managing. I personally have 10 people here at Hills Haven interested in the suit and after doing research there are several more that were previous residents that are also interested. The reason they are previous residents is because they didn't know their rights.

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