MHC Kenworth - Fort Worth

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 2520 Berner Street
Phone (888) 358-9017

MHC Kenworth - Fort Worth Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2015

In November of 2014 I purchased a 2011 Peterbilt from mhc kenworth in Ft worth Tx. Big mistake. When I first test drove the truck it had a low coolant light on and the ac quit working. Salesman said he would fix both. The ac started working again and we forgot about it. His idea of fixing the low coolant wasnt to find out why it was low but to simply had coolant. The ad stated it had a 485 cummins. After I signed the papers on the truck they called me back in to have it dot inspected. I wasnt aware that hadnt been done yet. During this time I found out that it was not a 485 but a 450 cummins and the ac quit for the 2nd time. At first they told me there wasnt anything that could be done about either case even though the ad stated 485. After fighting them and threatening getting a lawyer involved they relented. The fay I was supposed to leave town the truck would nt start due to corroded battery cables and a bad cab module. Got all that fixed and decided to leave town the next day. The next day I get in the truck to leave and I have a check engine light on due to a nox sensor. I have a check engine light on an average of every 2 weeks. I have replaced injectors, sensors, and have to add a gallon of antifreeze every 5-7 days. Yeah the salesman had the leak fixed allright. Now Im finding out that these issues have been an ongoing problem with this truck since it was a practically new truck. It has a 400000 mile history of having coolant loss. It has never been properly fixed nor was any of this history diclosed to me. Every problem Im having with this truck has been a problem for some time. So if you do business with mhc kenworth in Ft worth buyer beware. They will not help you after the sale. 6 months ago when I bought the teuck I had money in the bank and an empty credit card. Now Im broke and the card is full all from trying to keep this truck going. Allhc kenworth can do is shrug their shoulders and say " I dont know what to tell you".

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