Michael Achanyi Leke

Country United States
State China
City Fayetteville
Address 3410 Village Drive
Phone 9104010202

Michael Achanyi Leke Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2014

Michael A Leke, who in the late 1990's- early 2000's resided at 7581 Granada Dr, Buena Park, CA 90621 ripped us off years ago when he lived in Buena Park./. He hired us to do work on his home for an agreed upon $600. We called and called and called him with no reply for weeks. Finally when we could get this jerk on the phone he said he wasnt paying us because his electric bill was too high and somehow justified it was our fault!!! What does this have to do with us?? When I went to sue him he had already sold the house and moved to Ohio, North Carolina and who knows where else. This guy is a surgeon and supposed to be trusted!!!! Well, we are still out our money and heve never been paid the past due balance for cleaning services.

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