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Michael Greco MLM Reviews

  • Aug 11, 2014

Be Careful! This guy is a complete scammer! Lies Cheats and steals everything he can get his hands on.

This man has not worked a day in life! He uses other peoples money to advance he agenda.

Michael Greco the so called "LIFE COACH" out of New Jersey (he also claims to own a Jersey Mikes Sandwich Shop! LOL)

will pump you up with every compliment he can think of to gain your trust. Once he gains your trust you end up investing your money with him. Where does that money go? ASK MIKE!

In my whole professional career of 34 years I have never met such a Narcissistic, condensing, power hungry, lying cheat! Mike Greco aka Michael Greco convinced my wife to join a Multi Level Marketing company where she was promised wth her 15,000 dollar investment a return of $4750 a month for life! I as her husband did not know about Michael Greco or his con until 6 months after she finally emptied her retirement account.He had her investing in a company called solavei.com THE COMPANY IS BANKRUPT!

So just a warning! Watch out for a "LIFE COACH" that goes by Mike or Michael Greco that takes money from people for his informercials (My wife never showed me any of these) that he promises he is producing for your investment money.

Everyone that is looking to work from home be CAREFUL!

God Bless and save your retirement money!

The Angry Husband

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