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State New Jersey
City Denville
Address 3155 Route 10 East Suite 214
Phone 973-361-9271
Website https://www.mhcollections.com/c

Michael Harrison, Attorney at Law Reviews

  • Apr 1, 2015

Incredible how a company like this can manage to stay in business.

I had a sizeable medical bill from a radiology group. I explained to the group that I would be paying this by the end of the month, and they accepted this arrangement.

Shortly thereafter, I received another statement from the radiology group that my account was sent to MICHAEL HARRISON for collections (despite the conversation and arrangement already made). I wanted to pay the bill (as I'd promised), but was told I would have to pay it to MICHAEL HARRISON. I asked for their number and contacted them to make the payment. After a half hour of research, the MICHAEL HARRISON office personnel said they could find no record of my account. I asked "how was I supposed to pay my bill if you have no record of me, and the radiology group told me I must pay you?"

The MICHAEL HARRISON office then told me that it should never have been sent to them in the first place, and they were sending it back to the radiology group. I was told to call radiology back in 10 minutes.

Following the instruction, I called back the radiology group and made the necessary arrangements to mail the payment directly to the radiology group. i waited until my bank cleared the check, and called the radiology group to ensure they received my payment in full, which they acknolwedged they did. Less than 2 weeks later, I received a nasty, harrassing call from CHERYL at MICHAEL HARRISON, threatening to destroy my credit, and demanding that I "prove to her" that I paid the bill. Even though her own firm said the account should NOT be with them, this rude individual (CHERYL) said that she needed ME to prove to HER that the account was paid. When I started to give her the check number, she said she didn't care that I "claimed to have paid it", because she didn't have any record of it being paid. As I noted earlier, her own company said the account was to be paid DIRECTLY to the radiology group. This obnoxious and rude CHERYL should not be employed, and MICHAEL HARRISON's position on this account was, by their own words and actions verified by the radiology group. that they were not suuposed to be the recipient of payments. I see other complaints against CHERYL, which doesn't surprise me. What DOES surprise me is that someone like this is gainfully employed.

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