Michael Hogan

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Philadelphia
Address 2449 Golf Road, Suite: 8
Phone 88-522-3541

Michael Hogan Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2015

In December 2013 I entered into a contract with Michael Hogan to provide over $100,000 in funding via 3 loans and 4 credit cards to grow his business, Gate Way Capital Investment Group.

In return Michael Hogan agreed to;

1). pay me 3% ROR bi-monthly ($3,104), and

2). agreed to pay for the cost of the credit card and loan debt to a tune of over $2,200 per month.

Since December 2014 Michael Hogan has failed to make both 1 & 2 payments above. I am now in default for 2 credit card pymts, more defaults to follow this month.

I cannot afford to make these credit card and loan pymts.

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