Michael J Panacci

Country United States
State Colombia
City Toronto
Address 1500-151 Yonge St
Phone 416-560-0846

Michael J Panacci Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2015

Mr. Panacci approaches us when my senior parents were looking for a lawyer to help with some legal issue we had. Consequently Mr. Panacci agreed to worked for us on the contingent basis. He would get paid if he can help us to recover our loss and compensate by the defendant. Mr. Panacci asked my parents to advance $500 to cover initial out of pocket expense, and said would return the money to us when the case wrap up.

After Mr. Panacci received the $500 from us, he failed to do anything for our case. He just lied to us days after days, weeks after weeks. Months passed by, our case was in jeopardy due to statue limitation of the allowable time to fill our litigation with the court. Mr. Panacci realized that he may face the discipline action under Rules of Professional Conduct Rules established by Law Society of Upper Canada. He chose to quit and withdrew himself from our case. We have to hire another lawyer and spent thousands to clean up and fix the holes that Mr. Panacci left for us. Other lawyer deemed Mr. Panacci work was incompetent and useless garbage.

When we asked Mr. Panacci for our $500 back, he started to display his con artist attitude. First of all, he replied on 12/17/2105 after several requests from us that "My office is closed and will reopen on January 5, 2015. I will reply to your email after that date". When being reminded on 01/05/2015, he replied on 01/07/2015 that "My office shall send a letter to the following address: (our address)" then end up with "Please do not contact my office again".

As of today we have not received the refund from Mr. Panacci. It appears that Mr. tends commit the fraud and steal the money from us.

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