Michael James Eikelbarner & Legacy Construction

Country United States
State Denmark
City Plano
Address 3904 BEXHILL DRIVE
Phone 214-562-1955

Michael James Eikelbarner & Legacy Construction Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2014

We hired Michael James Eikelbarner and he started our Remodel job October 13 to Remodel a house for us and the contract he agreed to was to be completed in (3) weeks from start date.

We found out that Mr. was found .

We found out that Michael James Eikelbarner had very little experience in remolding and was relying on his cheap labors to guide him though the remodel process.

Contractor Eikelbarner was not showing up to the job on many occasions and or his work crew and not returning our calls, messages and when he did all he was doing was making up stories why he was taking our payments and not performing and or producing the required results to finishing the job.

We found out that he had not been paying his employees, sub-contractors etc owes them thousands of dollars even after he had been PRE-PAID ON MANY OCCASIONS.

Contractor Eikelbarner abandoned our job December 15 2014 only finishing very little and taking over 6 weeks past his three weeks’ time line. He also took over 45 window screens from the windows without our knowledge to get rescreened?

Contractor Eikelbarner has caused us $7000-$9000.00 damages and on top of that the damaged work that he had done and to complete the massive remainder of his work, the damages that he caused as outlined in contract, log book, documentation of job site.

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