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  • Jan 30, 2015

I referred a client to this trading platform principal and, client deposited funds in escrow in November. I was advised by the trading platform rep. that, while the client had been advised of having earned retunrs in December, the returns were not being paid out due to wide-spread account freezing going on at banks in Hong Kong, where the funds for paying returns were on deposit at HSBC in HK. My response was that I would think if there were such wide-spread freezing of accounts, one could read about it in the financial news such as WS or Financial Times.

This story about account freezing was given out by the trader as late as yesterday until, finally the client decided to withdraw funds from escrow where they had originally been deposited, resulting in never being eligible for any returns, as advised by the platform rep.

For all we know, the trader might later have the block removed and, just hold on to the returns. 'Not to mention the client being dissatisfied with the non-performance and loss of time for the use of funds.

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