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Natural Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2015

I ordered this pure garcinia cambogia offer for free trial only pay for shipping. I received the 1st bottle. approx 3 wks later I recieved another bottle then when i recieved the 3 bottle I noticed on my bank statement a charge of $89.00 charge from a different named company. None of the correspondence had a phone number so I googled the address to get a number. I called and the way they answered the phone was unprofessional and stated a different company name. I asked to confirm the company or the address, they changed the subject and asked personal info again and again. everything I told them they couldn't find any account. I asked them if they sold garcinia cambogia. They asked the last 4 numbers of my credit card that of course didnt work either. They asked the spelling of my last name 3-4 times . Then they put me on hold for an extended time, appologized for the long wait and confirmed they still couldn't find an acct and then she asked me for the whole credit card number. I then said i don't feel comfortable giving that out to her. Then I got a brush off that i must not have ordered from this company and to maybe call the number again. Amazing i had the mailing package in my hand with the address of the company the po#, the order#, I had tge tracking # from USPS. I told her I will check my statement and contact the bank to cancel the withdrawals from my acct.

Please always look at the alerts of any companies you want to order from. I wish I looked before I ordered I could have saved alot of aggravation.

  • Dec 27, 2014

I was foolish enough to try the home trial of these stupid pills (I am mad at myself!). After a first bigger billing, I went online and canceled.

I STILL get the pills & I keep being charged for them. I had to contact my institution to stop being charged in the future & in the meantime, they have my money.

Of course, no phone number or contact info or cancellation policy anywhere.

  • Jul 16, 2014

Once you respond to their Ad on Web with only $4.95, Natural Garcinia Cambogia will keep charge the amount hidden and not mentioned in the Ad. Even you call the tel to cancel, they said the charge of $89.99 is for the trail offer which it didn't mentioned in the Ad. They said you've to return the product in 14 days but it may take longer than that before it arrive.

Therefore, they give you the trap you can't get out of it. They're selling the Trap to customer instead of the product satisfied to the customer.

  • May 13, 2014

I ordered trail size Garcinia Cambogia(Dr.Oz)after 14 days if you want to cancell you can well there's no phone no.Than my checking a month later there was 89.99 taken out,and no product.I want my money back,and it don't work.

Thank-you Karen S (((REDACTED)))

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