NaturEnergy Inc

Country United States
State Aruba
City Santa Ana
Address 1700 E Garry Avenue, Suite 107
Phone (855) 733-4283

NaturEnergy Inc Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

My name is Samantha and met this person Asim Khan in Newport Beach,Ca at Javier's. He approached my husband with a great investment opportunity minimun investment 10k. After a few meetings with Asim we agreed to invest 25k. We wrote him a check made out to Asim Khan. Since giving him the money he has not returned our phone calls making us worried. After doing some research online we discovered he is a convicted gang member and crook that grew up in Thousand Oaks, Ca. Some of his known associates from prior business's and still doing business with are convicted crooks by the FBI. These crooks we found links and articles online that show what type of individuals he is in contact with are known for stock scams and investment scams.

After reading it appears Asim opens a company, gets investors to invest promissing them stock and other incentives then takes the investors money and runs. His objective appears to shut down and open new companies over and over again.

Beware of Asim and his known convicts scamming you out of money too!!!

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