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NatureWise Reviews

  • Aug 27, 2016

“They” actually harm people in need of those products,...

...prescribed by a med. professional, a licensed, practicing doctor, who is addressing a need for this supplement, since I, the patient, being treated for for heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and other, very serious conditions, in my case with only a relatively short time to live, is being denied by these sick, greedy and unscrupulous individuals of a desperately needed, critical vitamin not being produced and/or normally collected by my system.

I noticed the completely result-less and actually continuing negative response of my body after several months of buying, paying for, consuming and continuing declining VITAL body functions, harming me instead of helping me.

I am looking also at notifying Amazon, a company we continuously use to purchase products for our personal as well as home use.

We were under the impression that Amazon screened the product suppliers it provides services for.

  • Aug 16, 2014

This company is scam and a fraud. They pump up their Amazon reviews with fake shill reviews. They bribe customers to write a positive review for a free bottle. This company seemingly does not really exist either. They are an internet only based retailer and I have never seen their products for sale in any store. Dozens of Amazon Reviewers have pointed out and complained about the fake Naturewise reviews. Many write reviews saying that the company calls, or sends them advertisements offering a FREE bottle in exchange for a favorable review. I was contacted by Naturewise to get them to write positive reviews on Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, and CLA in exchange for one of their products. I had never even tried these, and they want a review?? They contact customers outside of Amazon with these bribe offers. That is why each one of their products has thousands upon thousands of FAKE reviews.

Not one of the 6000reviews on their Garcinia Cambogia are real. This is clearly tremendously distrustful for an unheard of product not seen in any real store, and only available on Amazon. DO NOT buy from a company that is known to compensate for reviews. This is an obvious case of stuffing their own ballot box. If a company will stoop to levels this low, what else might they do? Are their products fake like their reviews? Are they just placebos or snake oil? It makes me highly scared to take any of their products. If you lie and defraud customers like that, who says you have any integrity in your products? My advice to a company like this is to be honest, and make a product that stands on its own two feet. You don’t have to bribe people to say good things about you, IF YOU ACTUALLY MAKE A GOOD PRODUCT. Although many customers have complained of these obviously fake reviews and fake products, Amazon has done naught about this very apparent problem. I have communicated to them frequently but they do not appear to notice. Maybe they are making too much money from this stuff, and want to look the other way. I am a devoted Amazon customer and a Prime participant, but this is preposterous.

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