Navy Federal Credit Union

Country United States
State Virginia
City Merrifield
Address PO Box 3000
Phone 1-888-842-6328

Navy Federal Credit Union Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2015

My wife and I have excellent credit ratings; We initiated a mortgage refinance with NFCU solely based on lower interest rates. The loan specialist assured us that with our Credit Rating there would be no problem. He required us to prepay an appraisal and told us we were required to have a termite inspection performed. Months later after a very poorly conducted appraisal (around $40,000 lower than a post appraisal we had with a qualified appraisal service) In spite of my efforts to appeal the bad information used in their appraisal, my efforts fell on deaf ears and we were ultimately denied the loan.

Most disturbing was that an appraisal from another Mortgage refinance company came in at a 40 some thousand $$ difference just weeks apart from NFCU ordered appraisal, and we closed the refi/loan with another mortgage company with no problems whatsoever. Upon doing so we discovered that the termite inspection NFCU ordered was false and not required whatsoever. I have tried to reach out to several departments at NFCU requesting a refund of the faulty appraisal and a refund of the termite inspection fee and no one will respond.

So it's pretty obvious that information was inappropriately shared and the main emphasis for NFCU was to take my application and appraisal money and run!

I have since researched NFCU for complaints similar to ours and was utterly shocked to discover there are thousands of complaints identical to ours. I now realize it's a scam and fraud of the highest level. Do we just chalk it up as being duped and taken unfair advantage of or do we demand our money back?

  • Aug 7, 2014

I never have trouble making payments, till I was unemployed for a month and was only able to make 75% of the payment. I spoke with a rep and they said that it was okay just to make the $29 late fee payment and the $22.16 the following week. 'No Biggie', They drained all my account, and made overpayments to my loan account. .. NO NOTIFICATION.... so when I tried to use my card, to get gas. I couldn't they had locked out my account, till I paid the late fee And the $22.16

If they say it's OK. Its really NOT...

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