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Country United States
State Florida

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  • Jul 16, 2015

Contacted years ago by NBI Consultants. High pressure precious metals sale. They did look credible, and being careless (after some basic web assessment) I bought about $3500 work of metals. Of course when I decided I wanted to sell the metals - they did not have them to sell.

Since that time the company has dissappeared, and Jim Weisbrot, the Chief Executive and promoter is long gone. So if you ever see anything attached to Trading, or Metals, or anything attached to a "Jim Weisbrot" - tread very carefully. I am sure there are some "Jim Wesibrot's" out there that are upright - but be warned. I was fortunate to learn this hard lesson for only $3500, however it would be appropriate to see "Mr. Weisbrot" held accountable for his gross missrepresentations.

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