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Country United States
State China
City Charlotte
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  • Feb 3, 2015

In November 2013 Erica and I started working together to produce the first bi-annual CFG Style Week, scheduled to take place in March 2014. We made the verbal agreement to jointly organize and produce the event, have funds from ticket sales deposited into my personal bank account and, after the show was finished, split any profits made 50/50. The first show was, overall, a success. There was a minor issue after the event when a person who purchased tickets requested a refund and it was provided by the credit card processing company we used. This refund was taken from my personal account and although I requested Erica to pay half of it, she never did, so I was left to provide the entire refund. To make up for this loss, I retained the equal amount of money from fees designers paid to participate in our next show.

We immediately began organizing the next CFG Style Week, planned to take place in late September 2014. During this time my schedule required me to be out of town multiple times before the show. Because of this, Erica requested we have ticket sales deposited into to her personal account so she could pay for event costs if I were gone. I agreed, and the change was made in August 2014.

When the dates for the show came, Erica was responsible for paying invoices and funding costs related to the show, as all of the funds were in her possession. To my knowledge, there were no issues and she had kept up with paying all show-related costs. When the last night of Style Week finished we had received around $10,000 in ticket sales. I assumed Erica and I would work out splitting profits over the next few days, as we had done before, and I headed home. While driving home, my sister and boyfriend told me that Erica had told them, and others involved in the show, that I had stolen/embezzled money that was received from the designer’s fees I had kept to make up for the loss I previously experienced. She also told them that she had gone behind my back and filed for an LLC with the State that listed her as the sole possessor of CFG Style Week.

I attempted to speak with Erica many times over the next week, but she refused to meet with me or provide any money that I was owed. She told me that she was working with an accountant who was going over all of the money received and costs paid for the show and that she would let me know when the accountant was finished to arrange my payment. In this time I discovered that she had never filed for an LLC, so I submitted the paperwork and became sole possessor of Style Week.

I never heard from Erica again. She proceeded to delete all of the content from the Style Week websites I built, changed the passwords to all of our business and social media accounts and continued to tell people I had stolen money from the event. She also created a new fashion show called “NCFA (North Carolina Fashion Association) Style Week.” The content for the new organization’s website is a near verbatim copy of the CFG Style Week website she destroyed and also states that NCFA Style Week is an expansion of CFG Style Week.

Since the show, other individuals who worked on September’s CFG Style Week and were never paid by Erica have contacted me. She gave them the same run a round she gave me, first promising to pay, then agreeing to meet but never showing up, then claiming they were already paid and, eventually, refusing to talk to them. She owes me, and others, an apology and a paycheck for the event we produced together.

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