NCrowd, Inc.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Knoxville
Address 810 West Clinch Ave. 8th Floor
Phone 888 647 2830

NCrowd, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2015

I purchased 4 vacation saves from these jerks for 49.00 each. Because of various family problems we were not able to use them. when I ask for a refund they said the company had went under new management and that they would not be able to give me a refund. They are a bunch of theiving scum, I wish I had checked them out before I handed them my money. They are also still sending me e-mails wanting me to buy things from them, I will when hell freezes over!

  • Jun 6, 2015

I received a defective product. Neither on the web pages, the receipt or emails does it say that there is a 14 day only return policy. I have printed out all the information just in case they realize that they do not have full disclosure and will remedy this situation.

When I emailed that I received a defective product, they emailed me about the 14 day policy. I believe I received this product 7 to 21 days ago. I have ordered 100's of dollars from this company and never complained (except for one item that took 3 months to receive) and they will not refund 16.00!!!!

I only wanted a replacement product (I was never told whether it was just my product or all of the products.) and disclosure of their policy on every receipt that they send out.

  • Mar 11, 2015

Ncrowd took over all the accounts for weeklyplus and canceled all my money in my account and my girlfriends account. This was my money we received as a credit for money paid for an issue with a retailer that would not provide the service I had purchased. they would not refund me, just credit the account for future purchases and now they claim as "ncrowd" that they did not receive any money from weeklyplus when they bought out the site.

They bought our accounts and removed our credits in our accounts.

BBB does not want to get involved.

Attorney General is going to hear about this.

  • Sep 29, 2014

Bad Customer Service

I had bought a voucher from Dealfind and when the company didn't reply to any of my calls for the service that I had bought, I contacted Ncrowd who informed me that if I want a refund I need to contact my credit card company or bank for a refund?? Now I don't understand that logic because I didn't buy the voucher from my bank, I bought it from NCrowd who should be looking into this matter as to why the company has not returned my calls for the service I bought and/or refunding me back the money, why should I be out of pocket for $99 when I have made many failed attempts to get the service I want. And then they 'NCrowd' don't actually call me back either, but yet send me an email to tell me they are not honoring any deals with the former company that went bankrupt?? and then offer me a one chance 20% off any purchase for the day? Oh really, geez thanks I can but something else that might not ban out and I will be in the same situation again, I just want my money returned to me and I am entitled to that, I have bought a service that isn't going to be honored so I want a refund!!

  • Nov 23, 2014


  • Sep 26, 2014

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  • Sep 26, 2014

I wish to warn everyone about dealing with Ncrowd. They attempt to sell merchandise online but the thing they excel in is charging your credit card and not being able to tell you when you will receive the item you ordered. They are extremely evasive and do not answer any telephone calls or call you back. I guess they operate that when people order they forget about the item and Ncrowd gets to keep the money. They are unable to ever give you a shipping date and I suspect they do not have any merchandise to sell as if they are truly sellers of goods I would have received the merchandise I ordered. They have numerous complaints about Ncrowd and the only way you should deal with them is if you want to roll the dice to bet if they will ship. From the distance to my home in Florida from Knoxville Tennessee if they shipped the mewrchandise on the day my credit card was charged they could have put it on a turtles back and it would have gotten here by now. Beware of Ncrowd as they are a bunch of scam artists.

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