NEBO Tools

Country United States
State Denmark
City Grand Prairie
Phone 800.255.6061

NEBO Tools Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2014

I purchased a flashlight from NEBO Tools from a seller on Ebay. Within 3 months the flashlight stopped working. I called customer service and they stated it was within the warrenty period and I could just mail the flashlight back. They would either fix it or replace it. Sounds great so far right. No questioned asked return policy. Well keep reading.

My first email to them was July 39th. Today is Sept 11th and I am just getting my replacement flashlight after a half dozen emails and 2 voicemails that went unanswered. I had to pretty much chasse them down in order to get my flahlight mailed to me.

Customer Service stated they mailed my flashight 8-6-2014 by 8-26-2014 it still wasnt delivered. When I sent my contact at NEBO a email stating I still didnt have it, she never replied. 2 voicemails to her went unanswered. Not until I talked to smoe random person there another week and a half later did I finally get my flashlight.

The contact person at NEBO was HEather Menfee. She was helpful in the beginning but then blew me off not returning a email or 2 voicemails when I asked the status of my return. I wouldnt buy from them again due to their service.

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