Ned Leuchtner

Country United States
State Afghanistan

Ned Leuchtner Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2015

He is a Great Guy, Mentor and Father

Ned has touched many peoples live for over 30 years.

He gives his all to everything he does.

In the summer of 2013 , he tried to help Arlynn Presser begin recovery from

drugs and alcohol.

She had been addicted to Ativan for over eight years.

After a stay at Evanston Hospital Psych Ward, Ned introduced Arlynn Presser to

numerous women, to aid in her recovery

In February 2014, after renovating a house for Miss Presser, she became unstable

and threatened suicide.

Her family , and Winnetka Police, did not respond for pleas to help.

I had to call Wilmette Police on Feb 12th. They again, took her to Evanston Hospital

for observation.

Since that time, Miss Arlynn Presser was so embarrassed, that she has tried to damage

my reputation, by spreading lies and cyber attacks.

I tried to save her life ! Suicide is serious business. I will try to help someone no matter what !

That is who Ned Leuchtner is !

  • Jul 5, 2014

Beware of Ned Leuchtner! He is a con artist and a sociopath who tries to take people for all tha the can steal, he robs Peter to pay Pal, he gets violent if thwarted - beware! Also if anyone else has had a problem with this grifter please detail it below to help warn other people. This guy is crazy with a capital C. Don't let him get his hands on YOUR capital - your money.

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