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  • Oct 11, 2014

First of all I'm poor and these shoes were all I ever wanted for christmas, so I saved up my money and pre-orderd my jordans in early January the concords low tops 11's that was released in May 3, 2014. I had order online at this website because I had saw a lot of celeberties adverstising there ordered shoes particually Erica Menna on instagram and I did some research and it was guaranteed 100% safe. The 11's are hard to get becasue they are exclusive.

I orderd my shoes and received my pay pal receipt and confimation letter which really made it seem legit. It told me that I would recived it 1-2 weeks. My total was $225.00!

After time went by I emailed the company and never got a response so I had follwed them on instagram and pm the company about my order and they did respond. They responded that preorders usually come in 2 weeks before release date, at the time it was February and the release date was May 3rd, so I waited.

2 weeks before the realsese date I contacted the company on instagram and they told me that they were backed up on order and I will get them ASAP.

I looked at the comments under their pictures of shoes on instagram and saw that they were gettin a lot of comaplaints and saw the owner interacting to the people telling them that him and his wife are going through things and that she was sick and all this personal stuff making excuses and that the reson why orders arent coming in and asked if they could be patient.

Ive been waiting for 10 months and I got the idea it was a RIPOFF and all I want is to get my money back and to get rid of this business and to prevent anyone else from wasting there hard earned money.

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