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  • Apr 1, 2015


These guys are completly SUPER SCAMMERS and the most surprising thing is that they have the NEW YORK TIMES talking good about them !!! I’ts incredible !!! I payed them 330$ to find a gmail password and 20 days after they turned out saying that they didn’t find the password and thank you very much and have a good day !!! WTF ???!!! Is this a joke ??? I told them to give me back my money or find the password and they answered with threatnens that they would inform the email owner that I wanted to know the password, that they would inform the FBI, visa merchant services, etc, etc. Its absolutly INCREDIBLE the nerve this guys have. Of course I have already contacted the New York Times as well as the FBI and the SHOPIFY because they are not going to get along with this !!!

  • Feb 11, 2015

Warning: is a complete ripoff. They ask for money upfront and promise delivery. But they don't deliver and keep the money. Total scammers.

  • Jan 26, 2015

I knew going in this was possibly a scam site. I needed to identify someone that was harassing me online.

They said it would cost $350. They asked for a $175 deposit. I paid via PayPal. Within two days they said my project was "28%" complete.

After a week they said project was 98% complete:


your project is 98%..please ollow the link below and make the remain amount of 175$.

email me the reciept.


use the secure payment link is"

I paid it via PayPal.

I then asked on 1/22/15 if they got payment ok. They responded:

"okay we are completing the remain 2%.we will send you the details of the user

All emails sent since then have gone unanswered.

They stated:

"Go ahead it will be deleted within 3 hours"

Nice huh?

I have begun a dispute process with PayPal. Hopefully they back me up.

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