Nelson Homes

Country United States
State East Timor
City Livingston
Address 18551 Arrington Rd
Phone 4348265023

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  • May 14, 2014

I contact Nelson Homes 7/15/2012 to purchase a modular home for me and my 2 boys I already was approve for a new construction loan so I wanna to build from ground up. being new to all of this my representive for nelsons homes said i had nothing to worry about that he would walk me step by step to make sure i get in my house... I found the piece of land in Caroline County about 45 mins. from where i was already living thinking that not a bad area to build at talk it over with my family and everybody was like yeah dats sounds good. so i call my resprentative and he put the bid on the land and I e ended up getting the land and so we went from there. i pick out the modular lovely 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom, picked out all my colors for my roof,siding,carpet,counter tops everything. Closed on the loan on 1/10/2013 my home we supposed to be finish 45-60 days after we got the building permit well didn't get the building permit til 4/30/2013 so right there we had a delay. then after the building permit they were supposed to start clearing the land leveling it off i had a soil sample done and the plans drawned up for the septic system (which I had to pay for) cuz they didn't figure that in the loan right there should have red flagged me but like i said before i had no idea what i was getting into (i asked around) so then that got done they done the footers and they were wrong they had to go back and forth to get those to pass inspection....

then the modular came 7/15/13 (awhole year later) and they have the contractor come and do touchups ok so the house is looking even better... we need to put a new well and septic system they not checking the property over before knowing what it took to build in county of Caroline cuz know all they are saying is Carolina is the worst county to build for but if you do what your suppose to do its not a bad county to build for. you just have to know what your doing... Ok so they thought once the house got set that they could go ahead and dig the well come to find out the contactor they was going to use to dig the well didn't have the proper equipment to dig the well so they had to hire another company and that company charge twice as much as what they had already quoted me for the well (i had to come up with $3500) unexpectedly and the company couldn't dig the well until 11/30/2013 ok that got done so then i thought i we getting somewhere ok i'll be in my house hopefully by the new year 2014. so then it was time to put the septic system and the county failed the plans the they there was no way you can put a septic system in on the piece of land the dirt has been trampled on (trying to blame it on the well people) and thats been that way since 1/1/2014 and they still have not done anything. we/I had to hire engineerins to redo the the plans and inspectors still failed the plans so now we have to go in front of the board of supervisors with a alternative plan for the septic system.

this has been a nightmare that i was not prepared for i've change nelson representives and the one i'm working with now just keep saying we're going to get it done. I'M TIRED OF HEARING THAT ME AND MY BOYS ARE LIVING IN 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT WITH MY MOTHER cause i told my landlords that i would be in my house by 3/1/14. nope i'm waiting on a meeting with board of supervisor to see if i'm going to able to move in my house that i've been paying electric and personal property taxes on hummmmmm .I'M SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED I WISH I KNEW ABOU THIS RIP OFF REPORT BEFORE. NOW I GOOGLE THEIR NAME AND NO COMPLAITS CAME UP BUT NOW I'M FINDING ALOT OF MESS STUFF OUT ABOUT NELSON HOMES...



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