Nermine Hanna

Country United States
State Florida
City West Palm bBeach
Address 7756 Nemec Drive South
Phone 561-255-9578

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  • Jun 3, 2015

May of 2011 my wife and I responded to a rental ad on Craigslist for a 4 bedroom home in a neighborhood we were interested in. When we met the listing agent, Nermine Hanna she mentioned that she recently acquired the home though foreclosure. Noticing it was missing the front door lock, yard was messy and full of trash and the inside appeared as though it had been unoccupied for quite some time.

For the sake of the report I'll skip the negotiations portion, weird hunch about how she acquired the home which changed from foreclosure to a Quit Claim, contract and get to the point.

We were three months into the rental when we get a knock on the door at dinner time. To our surprise it was the actual owners of the home. We invited he and his wife in and were told the story of how Nermine had tried to steal the home, used an illegal Quit Claim to take possesion.

Next day I called the county and learned that her Quit Claim was denied and further searching showed that she had no legal ownership to the home. After we signed a new lease with the actual owner and informed Nermine we would no longer be paying her rent came the threateneing calls and text messages warning of eviction.

She failed to follow through with the eviction as you have to prove to the court that you own the home or have some legal tie to it.

Shuttle ahead to 2013 and several legal stall tacticts by Nermine. I eventually won a judgement in the amount of three months rent and costs. The judge stated in the final hearing that Nermine failed to prove to the court she had any ownership or management ties to the home.

June 2015, this story hasn't gone away. Nermine Hanna has not given up but since there is a pending legal battle yet to be heard I'll leave this where it is.

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