North American Award Center

Country United States
State Missouri
City Kansas City
Address 1401 Armour Road North
Phone 816-842-5510

North American Award Center Reviews

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  • May 5, 2015

These people are very fraudulent and are rip offs please don't fall for these letters their sending or send your money or personal information I just decided to look them up before I made a decision to do so and I'm glad I fallowed my first mind because by doing that I learned this was a fraudulent scamming company so be careful guys!!

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  • Jul 4, 2014

I recieved serveral letters form this company stating that I had won 21,000.00 all I had to do is send $5.00 for the processing fees. I just received another letter from the same company this time asking me to send another 9.00 for additional processing fees. I don't send the money.

This company should be stopped from sending false to people. I did send the first money requested(like a fool) but not the second time. This company is piggyback off the the approved publishers clearing house offers. The wording the similar the difference being ,the sending money part.

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  • Jul 10, 2014

I received a mailing from North American Award Center informing me that if I send in the correct puzzle answer along with the discounted registration fee of $9.00 (save $3.00) I'll be up for winning $21,000.00.

There is also a warning which states, WARNING OF PENDING FORFEITURE, if I dont act promptly enough.

Common fokes, This is really beyond foolhardy. Don't send these crooks any of your hard earned money.

Roger, Indianapolis IN

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