North Carolina Secretary Of State Elaine Marshall

Country United States
State China
City Raleigh
Address 4701 Atlantic Ave
Phone 9198072100

North Carolina Secretary Of State Elaine Marshall Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2014

Her name is Elaine Marshall and her position is Secretary for the North Carolina Secretary of State. Elaine Marshall has been found withholding the following information:

Elaine Marshall has knowledge that her Supervisor Beverly Champion assaulted an employee and when this employee confronted her supervisor, they we terminated. Elaine Marshall is aware of the fact that this will cause great harm for the agency and supports the corruption behing covering it up.

Additionally, Cbampion and her Director, Ozie Stallworth fabricated a case to pin it on a notary in efforts to keep a complainant from notifying the Secretary. This is illegal and Elaine Marshall has once again chosen to look the other way and by default, supports corruption.

Elain Marshall is also supporting the harassment of this former employee by attempting to strong arm their family with harassment by the Capital Police. All of which is being documented. Elaine Marshall is no better than those of whome she arrests.

The bottom line is this; Elaine Marshall has made the effort to supress illegal information in order for her agency not to suffer.

So, if you are looking to praise the NC Secretary of State, you should think twice.

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