North Salt Lake Locksmith

Country United States
State Aruba
City Pacific Beach
Address 59901 Locksmith CA
Phone 801-203-3329

North Salt Lake Locksmith Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2014

Having locked my keys in my truck I jumped on the internet to look for a local locksmith to help me out. I called North Salt Lake Locksmith and got no response so I hung up and began looking for someone else. Before I could make another call, I got a call back from this company and after explaining the situation and was told it'd be $40 and someone would be out within 20 minutes. A short time later the "locksmith" showed up in an older beater car. He was pleasant enough. He asked me to sign for him to do the work, which I did. The paperwork that I signed had no price located anywhere. He asked for my assistance looking through the window to tell him when he had he was on the lock and he quickly unlocked the vehicle. Total time spent on the job was approximately 5 minutes. I grabbed my wallet and gave the "locksmith my credit card. He said the total would be $170.00. I laughed and then upon realizing he was being serious started to get angry. I've paid at most $60 to have a vehicle unlocked. I told him that I absolutely would not pay 170 for his services and asked to speak with his manager who was on the phone to take my credit card info. The manager said he'd give me 10% off and they ran my credit card.

I was obviously angry and asked the "Locksmith" how they can justify charging over double what any reputable locksmith would charge. This was not a weekend, or late at night, or a holiday. It was 1:00 in the afternoon on a weekday. He said I should report them to the BBB (apparently aware that the BBB has no record of this company).

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