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Country United States
State Aruba
City Northridge
Address 8829 Reseda Blvd
Phone 818-678-0021

Northridge Psychic Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2014

I've seen a psychic in northridge california. I was curious about my life and wanted to know how things will work. it says $10 for reading but she charges more than what it says. 5 tarot card reading is 10 dollars and 35 card reading is $35... Anyways

Her reading was what I heard from other psychic, but this place offer to buy candles to get rid of negativity as other people who reported as ripoff. I was hesitated at the moment it's because I told her from my experience from the psychic who asked me to buy many things to get rid of negativity, and told her its a scam and she said she is different.

her mom works for church and they make a special candle which is $100 each and she said I have to buy 3 because my case is real serious. I wasn't sure what kind of church makes so expensive candle?

I didn't feel like to purchase but she emphasized as this is for my life and I won't have anything in my life if I don't do it.

she said she can get me a discount since her mother works for church and charged me $250. I didn't feel like to buy it but I wanted to trust what she was telling me. She said only candles to burn. Nothing else to charge.

Include with 3 session meditation. We scheduled to do the meditation at night due to my job. She called me last minute that I suppose to go see her for meditation but she said just found out that meditation has to be done in the morning so i re-scheduled the time to day time. Guess what? She called me again to postpone for next day. She couldn't do because she has a family emergency. so I had to re-scheduled to next day which I was already feeling upset. She asked me if I have an egg at home and keep it under the bed and bring it next day when I come see her for meditation. She massage the egg through my body and tell me to step on egg to crack. She was so hyper reactive and telling me to see the egg yolks with black crumbs. She said this is very bad and she can't keep this in her office. She asked me if I have a tablet at home. I wasn't sure what she was talking about and she showed me the booklet of products and it was a box to bury the stuff and it was $12000 or more than $20000... Holy s***.

Of course i couldn't afford! I gave her $250! That was a lot too! My sister paid 200 for me to help, but I have to purchase a box????

she asked me what are my price range and I said I can't afford none of this and she said all the negativity will come back and won't work if I don't bury this. She said she can give a discount. instead of $950 which is cheapest one from the other items For $500. I still couldn't afford to pay $500, but she said I can do down payment for now if I can give her $100. She forced me to go to atm. I gave her $100 and I asked her if she will charge more afterwards.. And she said this is it.

I recorded der the whole conversation before I get in. In case if she keep charges me. i still don't feel this is right and keep searching on website to see if this is a scam or not. I've found from others who got the same thing happened like me!

I mi just text her that I will stop Becuz it is a scam. I would rather go to church to pray. She kept mentioned the church and what kind of church rip the person's money when we are broke? That's what God wants?

please help!

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