O K Shoe Repair & Alteration

Country United States
State Australia
City Centennial
Address 8100 S Quebec St
Phone 1 303-220-8309

O K Shoe Repair & Alteration Reviews

  • Jul 25, 2014

Brought 2 pairs of dress shoes to OK Shoe Repair and Alterations. One pair was to be redyed and polished, the other pair to be polished. A lady and her "brother" were working behind the counter. She was working in alterations, he was in shoe repair. I The brother in the repair area did not speak much english but acknowledged he understood my repair request.

When I returned to pick up the shoes they looked fine. Within a week the pair that was to be redyed and polished, began cracking and flaking. Underneath the original dye and finish was visitble. Clearly the only thing that was done ws that they had put a quick shine type coating on the shoes. I returned to the shop and showed the shoes to the sister. She said she did not know anything about them. I asked to speak to the brother in the shoe repair section. She said that no longer worked there, and he had moved to another store across town. However, the shoe repair area was still open and the racks had plenty of shoes waiting to be picked up. Also they were still advertising for shoe repair within the store and on the window in the front of the store.

I asked her if she could have her brother pick them up and refinish them correctly. She said she did not know where he was (?) and she would not see him. I asked if she would refund my payment for the shoes. She said she would not at that would have to be from her brothers business (?).

It seems that this brother and sister do not abide by rules of business ethics and could care less about customer service.

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