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City Indianapolis
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Phone 3025437300
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Oak Motors And Indiana Finance Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2014

Do not trust oak motors or Indiana Finance if they say they are doing you a favor. I financed a vehicle from the east side location in September of 2013. I was very happy to a certain extent, it took 3 days for them to get me in a vehicle that accommodated a family of five and they initially wanted to put us in a Buick Lesabre.

I wrecked the 06 Trailblazer I financed with Indiana finance on March 2, 2014. It was a semi accident that totaled the vehicle. The accident was not my fault, however the police report (that was not available for 3 weeks after the accident) was one sided and completely false.

Since my police report took forever to attain Indiana Finance told me to come down and pick out another vehicle (it ended up being an 08 Trailblazer with high mileage almost identical to the 06 after the accident). They told me when I fully pay the balance of the 08 the 06 balance would be forgiven. Wonderful I was so happy and ecstatic with the service...until...

The police report was obtained by them. After that the nice went away. I was locked into some majorly high deferred down payments that were a struggle to pay especially since the accident made me miss dr. Excused days from work. However, I was still payong. The one time I asked for an extension (prior to this time I had only had one with the 06) I was immediately shut down and told to come up there with check stubs and they didn't know if they could honor my loan.

Then my husband lost his job. We were still trying to make our payments and we're doing fine. He even found another job, but in the crunch of time we fell short and needed a week deferred because we honestly did not have the payment.

Once again, IF did not want to hear that. I was told to bring check stubs in ASAP. I told her no it was not possible gas is limited I would bring them in Friday. She told me as of Thursday our loan will not be honored and my car was repossessed Thursday morning.

My husband goes in with his paycheck last jobs pay stub and they say he falsely submitted it because they called and he no longer works there. He gives them my sisters phone # to verify his new employment because she works there too. And they figured out that's my sister because she's a client of their's so they assumed we were trying to falsify income to get our car back. They sent verification to the wrong person at his job and when they sent it back it said he didn't work there because the person they sent it to was not the correct person.

Needless to say, now they want to see his check stub. But guess what? They can only hold the car 10 days. I was told if they still have not sold it we can have it back. If they do sell it we get stuck with 13,000 of bad credit.

Beware if you want to buy a car here. I know family and friends who have nothing to say but positive about them. But my biggest issue they made it extremely difficult to pay my debt owed on the 08 to forgive the 06. I know customers who have gone months with none payment my car was taken after 6 days. Another customer's loan had been refinanced several times and we were not even given that option. Beware and don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

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