Oakwood forest

Country United States
State China
City Greensboro, North Carolina
Address 4100 Us Highway 29 N
Phone 3363755690

Oakwood forest Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2014

I was never told we would have a water and sewage bill until I arrived from NH with my furniture and belongings. Never told there was an $18.93 administrative fee for "reading the meter". My first water bill for 3 weeks was $64.00, including the admin fee.. I made a major issue about the bill that they didn't charge me for the 3 weeks and have waived the admin fee because I pointed out that it wasn't in my contract. My water bills have since gone up. The most recent is $54.00 for one month. This is for 2 adults only, work all day.

I complained again about the bill and they told me there was nothing they would do. I spoke with some of my neighbors and they feel they are being over charged.

The lease states you have to maintain your yard. My yard was covered with with glass, metal pieces, broken toys and dirty clothing.

My advice is, do not rent/lease here. They will also charge you for trash pick up which you would think was included in the rent. Again, this wasn't mentioned until I arrived 2 days before starting my new job. Then after being told pets were allowed, on arrival I am told my 2 dogs will cost me $50.00 a month. My quoted rent of $775.00 became $890.00!!

  • Jul 25, 2014

My mother passed away on April 25,2014 she was living in oakwood forest mobile home park...The mobile home she lived in was in mine and my husbands name and was moved from a mobile home park without our permission ....she was going to buy the trailor from us but never finished paying for it and she never sent the title off leaveing the home in our name ..when she passed away they had spoken to my grandson about getting the mobile home and told him he would have to pay the lot rent up to date from time she died....finding out today the is in court to be theirs because they are saying it is abandoned ..i called them and told them i had a buyer for home to pay on her funeral expenses and what would the total be to move home out..spoke to management she said 1527.53 this was what she owed....when i spoke to them last month they told me she was paid up to April....that lot rent was including trash and water...now ho does a dead person have trash and water? and that i would need a 30 day notice and another months rent for that even if i moved it before the 30 days and again also water and trash..how can a dead person give a 30 day notice?????When i told them trailor was in our name and i was willing to pay so much they got crazy and told me they had a copy of title and that i had to show it was in my name ..i said i could do that...but that regardless my husband was next of kin to my mother i law ..he is her son oldest child...she said well if the title was notorized the home was my mother in laws and she had a right to move it....i said the problem was she never sent the tile off and i was a notary and she knew that it wasnt legal until the title was back in her name.....sent to Raleigh and being that it wast sent off and she is deceased the home is still in our name...She ranted and raved and i asked for Owner of parks name and number and she refused she gave me general manager and number..i called twice and got answer machine with no call back and then i noticed the name he was leaving on maCHINE WAS SAME AS SALES PERSON ON FRONT..so i assumed it was his wife i was talking to in office...then she said i cant talk to you ...wow she has already talked to me 3 times ..my grandson4 times and my sister in law twice......they are trying to scam me out my trailor and i think this business should be reported to the public and made to stop doing this to the public..it is lying,,stealing and cheating....Anna

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