Oakwood Homes of Millsboro

Country United States
State Azerbaijan
City Millsboro
Address 28863 E Dupont Hwy
Phone 3029347417
Website www.oakwoodhomesofmillsboro.com

Oakwood Homes of Millsboro Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2014

Consumer Information

Deanna Ames 6187 Mallard Point Seaford, DE 19973 [email protected]

Business Information

Oakwood Homes of Millsboro 28863 E. Dupont Hwy. Millsboro , DE 19966

Complaint Summary

Complaint Type: Consumer to Business Complaint

Nature of complaint: A failure to honor a contract or agreement

Problem description: My husband and I purchased/ordered a Modular home from Oakwood Homes and signed a contract in January 11. 2014. Our sales lady and person of contact was Lorie Hollen. The price of the home was to be 150,000.00. Since we were paying cash for this home we were told we needed at lease 1/2 down for them to get started, so we gave them a cashiers check for 80,000.00. We were never told that we would be required to give balance before home was completed but we found out that when we were called in on April 14, 2014. At which time we were told they needed the balance of 75,000.00, now. It was 5,000.00, over our agreed contract cost and was told it was due to additional costs. ??? no explanation given for what these cost were to be ever. Our sales lady Lorie Hollen then took a leave of absence due to health issues and the only contact we had was the manager Gil Fleming who was totally clueless to our home and what details were involved. We were called in to the office on April 14th, 2014 and was told by Gill that we had to pay the balance now, before home was completed since we were paying cash we were told. Home had been put on property that day and they wanted/needed the balance paid at that point. Were was my warrentee that they were even going to finish my home?? We were told that our home was going to be completed by Easter. It was not, then every week it was to be completed but again to this day which is May 16, 2014 it is not. We have been storing our furniture in a unit which cost us 89.00 per month, and since it was way past the point of us getting into our home Oakwood Homes, Gil Fleming (Mgr) said he would pay for the Month of May's storage. As of this day he has not.

On May 15, 2014, we got a warning from the storage until manager that it has to be paid or we will not get our belongings out. After our paying of the balance on our home we were told by Gil Fleming on 5/3/2014 that that weekend the trim would be done on our home and we could move in by end of the following week, it did not happen, again on 5/9/2014 we were told that trim would be done by end of weekend, and again it did not happen. Then we were told by Gil that when the electric was connected it would only take 1 day to finish our home. The electric was turned on 5/13/2014, as of this date 5/16/2014, home is still not done. My son received a call today 5/16/2014, from Gill Fleming telling him to tell us that home will again not be completed until end of May. No explanation. When we went over to our home on 5/14/2014 we noticed that one side of the home the electric was not working. I called and spoke with Gill Fleming and he said to me call the electric co. I told him I did but they said that the problem was in our home wiring so he sent out one of his electricians and they found out that the electric was not connected and wired correctly on that side of the home.

We paid 155,000.00 cash for this home and was promised that we would be in it in 3 months. It has been well over that and still we are not in our home. They put the incorrect flooring in our home, wrong color in carpet and hardwood. They were to paint the home but it is two different tones, the trim is still not completed. This has taken such a toll on my family and especially me. Found our sewer still needs to be completed and water still not connected. Lots of promises lots of lies. We paid for 5 back windows, only got 4. We made color choices but they were changed. We paid for stone color on fireplace and it was sent incorrect. We also had paint thrown on our back side of our home and porch. Lots of paint drops on flooring and paint job was horrible. scratches on flooring also and on new sink.

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