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City Miami
Address 12471 SW 130 Street
Phone 786-488-4403
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Oasis Decks Reviews

  • May 16, 2015

Less than a year ago I found this guy on the internet. I asked him to come over for a quote. He showed up promptly and was an incredible salesman. He told me about the 5 year warranty and gave me a quote of around $3800.00 to do around the pool and the sidewalk on the side of my house leading to the back. I did not barter the price. He seemed professional and I had no issue paying full price to get a professional job. He asked for half the money upfront which I gave him.

A couple days later they started until they got about half way done. A few weeks went by and I called and asked what was going on. He smoothed me over on the phone and I told him no problem as I was going out of town for 2 weeks. He assured me it would be completed by the time I got back. Well, 2 weeks later nothing was done. I started to call him on several occasions while he avoided me. Finally they finished about 3 weeks later.

The aftermath. Well, he sprayed the stain while it was rainging. He sprayed the inside of my pool (which was empty while repairing the drain), he sprayed my rocks, plants, glass doors, side of house, and my lighting. The stain on the floor itself was very poorly done (obviously since he did it while it was raining).

I paid the rest of the job and withheld approximately $300.00 if I reall correctly until he cleaned up his mess. I got a call a few days later wanting his $300.00. He told me just to wipe everything off as it will clean up easily and give him his $300.00. This is how we left off.

About 3 months later the deck started chipping on the sidewalk. About 5 months later it started chipping everywhere else. I called him yesterday and told him he has some warranty work to do. He said he will come over to look. I am writing this report, because I know he will not. I am so upset and fed up with these ripoff people. I will be contacting an attorney at the end of this month or mid next month. I do not have the funds to redue my deck every year. I will however come up with the funds to sue this guy. So if anyone is interested in joining me, let me know.

My fault? I didn't ask for insurance or license or anything. Just another consumer getting ripped off thinking that there are good people oput there that will do good honest work.

  • Mar 13, 2015

First let me start by saying he is a good sales man, He wants 50% up front befor starting job, At that point I should have know better. Thenm he asked for cash when I gave him a check he said this will take 2 days to clear how am I supose to buy material.. (his company not my problem) then I got a call from a check cashing store he was cashing the check. Again those are some red flags and now the fun starts.. He sent over 2 guys that did not know a word or english he does not have general liability or workers comp and is not Lic in the state of Florida. OK well when I asked him if I should remove patio furniture plants you know the usual stuff you keep by your pool he said no he would have it moved and covered in plastic. well he moved them alright he moved them under a tree no plastic it rained and it was a mess... He did not protect the pool there was concrete peices of coping emply bags of concrete that flew in the pool.

I thought well he will clean it when he is done nope that did not happen either.. Ok the pool deck the deck (euro tile) looks terrible the tape was not put on straight it is chipping all over the place.. oh and very important arter the deck was painted he sprayed the sealer instead of rolling it and there is over spray all over the windows pool equipment killed most of the plants around the pool. I am still picking up trash and empty rolls of tape that were thrown all over the deck.. one of his guys smokes and there are ciggeret buds all over the yard s well... the deck is a wreck it has air bubbles everywhere I wish I could post pics on here... finally my husband got involed and he agreed to fix all damages he came 2 weeks later and told me none of it could be fixed it was normal.. I have called 3 other companys and they have come out to give me a price to correct it and they have all said your better off tearing it out or waiting a few years because it is going to chip all off the floor was not preped correctly and the material used was not mix at the correct ratio.. I guess he was trying to savwe money by anding more sand than concrete as we know sand does not harden.. so its been a night mare I can not report him to the BBB beacuse he is not acredited by them. Its now that I have called other companys to come out and they have said Oh yeah tht guy is a mess we get called out to correct his damage all the time.

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