Oasis Of Mercy

Country United States
State Aruba
City Los Angeles
Address 1059 S Gage Ave
Website oasisofmercy.org/

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  • Jul 14, 2014

NUEVA VISION EN EL ESPIRITU SANTO DE EVANGELIZACION CATOLICA is what they called them self in the first place. After they got burn in court. They owd a lot of people money do they deside to change the name to osais of mercy.

They (they as the condinators of the non-profit) that the archdiocese it's under them, but I don't really think because base on what have seen. What I notice is they try to put God in front by making mass so people can be there and so called do "donate" or give money to them. If you guys don't want to get ripoff maybe you guys should give money to a REAL nonprofit that will actually help the people in need and NOT for a $100 for a prayer so your soul won't get lost.

Elmer Ventura is basically the president of a minister name called "Oasis of Mercy" or "Osasis de Misericordia". Elmer a guy who is not educated has been taking people's church money with out them noticing. They calim to be a church they called them self a ("self" as the cordinadors of the Osis of Mercey or Osis De Misericordia) nonprofit organization with they made money out of people by telling them to give donation to the "Organization of Oasis of Mercy". I been going there like a pedastian and observing the places giving money too offutanaly I bacame a victum, it seems that the president; ELMER VENTURA of Osasis of Mercy or "oasis de Misericordia " it's ripping off people by making them think they don't have money, but hey what a wonderful car he drives. I don't think that pastors like that shouldn't be have the luxury he's having. One other think that I notice about is how he manipulates people and having puppets with him. I herd a guy name Rigo is basically the accountant of the organicazation. What they do under the table it's a diffrent story.

Elmer Ventura also went to court for something he was involve.

In conclusion the a problem is not the people who go their to learn about religious matters. The problems is the cordinators that are not managing the organization like a proper religious organization.


I will keep updating this I'm looking who is involved with the cordinador

I been looking for thier site but only these I came across LINK;

(Their Offical Site)


(A compnay owns this domain)


(their Facebook fan page)


Here antoher link: (I notice that Roberto Matias was involve too)



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  • Jan 24, 2015

I Mean, I Guess.

Just go to church and don't donate =)

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