Oasis Property Services

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Miami
Address 40 SW 34 Ave
Phone 305.200.3875
Website www.oasisps.com

Oasis Property Services Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2014

BEWARE OF THIS SCAM!!!! Oasis Property Services is a ripoff in Miami, FL trying to defraud Home Owners. They will sign a quote with you, take a Credit Card Payment, never perform the repairs in your Home and then after finding a thousand excuses why they will cancel the agreement to perform the repairs and disappear with your money.

On October 23rd 2014 I signed a quote from Oasis Property Services, Inc. to make repairs to my Apartment in the amount of $ 942.50 they quickly asked for a Credit Card and demanded immediate payment in full or they would not commence the work. I paid with my Credit Card on that day and was promised the work would be performed and the apartment woudl be ready on October 27th latest. On October 25th Mr. Alsina called me to inform that the Condo requested a Liability Insurance from him (which is praxis in the Market!), and that this would delay but he would deliver the repairs ready on October 26th latest.

On October 25th monday I called the building to check if the Insurance was delivered by Oasis Property Services Inc. The building confirmed that no insurance information was delivered. I had a cleaning crew in the apartment and they informed me that Mr. Alsina waked into the apartment only at 2 pm on monday, only to look around and go away. They could not even start any work since they did not deliver Insurance Information to the building and were not authorized without it. I called Mr. Alsina and confronted him, 2 days later, 2 days after the promised delivery of the repairs!!!!

Mr. Alsina created a thousand excuses why he would not use his Insurance to work on my Unit, and tried a thousand ways to find an excuse to recuse himself to perform the repairs he committed to. I then accepted his cancellation of the job and informed that I wanted my Credit Card Payment cancelled immediately since he refused to do the work and no work was performed for what I paid. He informed me that he would do this immediately.

Right after this he disappeared altogether. He would not return calls or emails, and even his Company disappeared, they would also not return emails, would not take any calls, and would never return one either. 10 days later, on November 6th 2014 after I had to perform the repairs myself!!!! I got fed up that no contact with them could be established and realized this was a scam. I then wrote them a notice informing I Was going to start the dispute on my Credit Card and sue them for all they did, including damaging my credit with this dispute.

All of a sudden Mr. Alsina appears and all of a sudden his phone works, he calls me on November 7th 2014 and says that it was all a misunderstanding, that he would cancel the charges on my Credit Card and wishes to resolve this amicably. That was suposed to happen in the next days, I said I demanded a receipt for the cancellation. This was 12 DAYS AGO!!! and still NO CANCELLATION WAS DONE on my Credit Card, NO RECEIPT was sent to me, and now again they do not respond my emails anymore.

Now I am starting my legal procedures against them, as they tried to buy time with that call to try to push their scam on me and it became very clear. BEWARE, THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD, THEY WILL SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR SERVICES THEY WILL NEVER PERFORM, THIS IS A RIPOFF. I am suing them next

Andrei Quintan

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