OC DriveShare

Country United States
State California
City Newport Beach
Address 4000 MacArthur Boulevard Suite #600
Phone (877) 937-7171
Website http://www.ocdriveshare.com/

OC DriveShare Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2015

I had my car listed on SwapaLease; was contacted by OC Driveshare in California to place my car with them as they would contract with a driver to finish out the lease. The first three months were OK except that I always had to chase down my money and typically would receive it two weeks after payment due date. Initial client supposedly defaulted on payment and my car was reassigned to someone else in December yet OCDriveshare could not provide proof of insurance and after four months of asking for insurance verification and payments that had not been received, OCDriveshare called to tell me that my car had been stolen - this was 3 weeks ago. No one will return my calls and I am left with zero car, zero guarantee and now will be forced to file suit in order to cover the $40K that is owed on the car that is now missing. If these people contact you RUN don't walk!

  • Apr 8, 2015

Company claims to take over payments and use cars as coprorate cars.

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