Ocean Moving and Storage

Country United States
State Florida
City Pembroke Park
Address 2810 S Park Rd
Phone 866-956-2326
Website www.oceanmovingandstorage.com/

Ocean Moving and Storage Reviews

  • Apr 11, 2015

Do not use this company. This was the absolute worst case scenario I could have possibly imagined for my move. They lost a third of my boxes (and subsequently EVERY THING that held any meaning for me is now gone).

What they didn't lose, they destroyed. I got only excuses, rudeness and disrespect from the company. They don't call back when they promise to and their claims policies don't even amount to enough money to justify taking the time to file a claim.

Besides, all the money in the world cannot replace your sentimental items such as family photos, mementos of a loved one who has passed, your professional portfolio or countless other things.

If you use this company, you will regret it. You are better off moving yourself.

  • Oct 11, 2014

With no question, this was the worst company I’ve ever dealt with and the worst moving experience ever. I was simply looking to make a partial move from South Florida to Chicago. The move contained approx.. 15 medium boxes and 3 items of furniture. Not a big deal. I called Ocean Moving and Storage and had the “privilege” of speaking with Roman. He was quite personable, pre and post pickup. Roman provided a flat rate of $850.00. I was very clear about the condo location being the second floor at both South Florida and Chicago. He informed me that there’s typically a $75 charge but it was going to be waived. He didn’t waive it in South Florida and I didn’t have the heart to not pay the movers, so I did. Here’s where things get worse. It took 30 days for the goods to get delivered. I was promised a delivery date on more than 2 occasions and took time off of work both times – only to be greeted with no delivery. When I called (not to complain but to make Roman aware of this) I was placed on hold, told that I’d receive a callback, forwarded to Dispatch, forwarded to Customer Service (I’ll get to Laura in a moment), told that Roman was out to lunch, told to call Roman in 20 minutes. You name it, I was told it. Eventually, I called Customer Service (ext. 2) and had the “honor” of speaking with Laura and you wouldn’t believe what I was told. Laura had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault. WHAT?????? A customer takes time off from work expecting a delivery twice, doesn’t receive a call letting him/her aware that no one is coming to deliver their property, the customer kindly makes you aware of this and it’s the customer’s fault? Outrageous. I finally received my property but this is not the last time they’ll hear from me.

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