Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Orlando
Phone 8003109229
Website www.ocwen.com

OCWEN Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

Loan was sold to ocwen had trouble ever since. we have ballon payment coming due jan 15 2015. ocwen tells me they can't refinance our loan because they are a serving company. so we are trying to refinance and we find out they have reported us as having late payments made credit score low. so we if dont refinance by jan 2015 they are saying they will forclose, what kind of a business is that? hope they get what they deserve and more they need to be closed down


Benton TN

  • Apr 22, 2014

Ocwen has done many things they shouldn't have. One of their representatives visited my property and spoke with my tenants. The repsentative said many house around there were going into forclosure and they should find another place to live. My property wasn't even close to being in forclosrue but my tenant's got sacred and vacated the property and broke the lease. This caused me to lose out on the income from another year's lease.

Ocwen has also begun a loan modification that I was completely unaware of and didn't approve. My invoices also reflect forbearance payments and a balance that I know nothing about. I have requested to receive copies of the loan documents but haven't received anything but a generic letter saying they'll respond in 20 days. Which they have failed to do twice.

Ocwen has modified my loan payment without my written authorization and they have my fixed iinterest loan interest rate scheduled to increase by 1% in October 2014 and another .0625% by October 2015. This would inscrease my monthly payment by $ 181.00 compared to what I paid in 2009. How can a loan servicing company change the interest rate charged on a mortgage without my written permission? This company is insane!

I think they need to be sued but I don't know where to start. I hope this report gives me a direction.

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