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  • May 10, 2014

I applied for keep your home Calif. program after Ocwen loan servicing kept making and retaining errors regarding my account in late 2013. Back in June 2013 I was approved with keep your home Calif. principal reduction program Ocwen knew of this and quickly granted me a loan mod. before the state re issue a mandated revise loan mod. which would not require a balloon payment after loan was paid in full. At the time I was coming off unemployment and working self employed and during well. later I was force by Ocwen to sign a note stating that a balloon payment would be due with no dollar amount on note. This was their first tactic.

Again I was approved by keep your home calif. and I was told by Ocwen on Jan. 17,2014 with the relationship manager that all doc's were received regarding the loan mod. needed to go forward with the hard hit fund and that I would be contacted from my new hard hit fund relationship manager. Later that month, I called to speak with this hard hit fund relationship manager, no answer and no reply back of countless emails sent over from Ocwen customer service reps..I called twice a week for updates and to speak to this hard hit fund relationship manager but I never got an answer. Recently I spoke with a manager stating items were missing (roommate agreement, rent receipts) and that my file was incomplete. I uploaded these items the following day. I called back within three days to confirm that my file was complete , a manager confirm all items were received on April 2,2014 . Which means there is no reason for delays, to continue process my file with Keep your home Calif. ID #821530

Today I called for updated info. and asked once again to speak to the hard hit fund relationship manager only to be told that the file was close. And that my loan mod. was denied ,reason valid proof of primary residence . I supplied every possible documentation a human being provide and more. Ocwen stated that the credit report they pulled on Jan. 30,2014 shows best known address as out of state. , but also shows current home and p.o. box address. My response was or you kidding me credit reports or know for inaccurate info and I have not apply for credit since 2008 which all three of my credit reports shows this. They told me to send them a copy of my credit report and stated to them that why don't you send someone to home of sixteen years to confirm my living status.tactic not to half to deal with the state program. below our my complaints.

This letter was dated January 3, 2014

Sender's Name : DANA M

Sender's Email Addres (((REDACTED)))

Reference Number : -010314-1501702

Message : I have made two payments on my acct. one on Dec. 16, 2013 other on Dec 31, 2013 why are they not posted to my acct.? My acct. should not be behind due to your recent denial of my loan mod. in august 2013. I was told that I would half to start all over again. and the payments on 1377.49 would probably change. which this error took 60 days to complete in late October or November the denial was reverse and the mod was approved. This account has numerous errors. I am dispute the number of months owed and due to your negligence handling of my account.

This letter is dated January 20, 2014

Sender's Name: Dana Moody

Sender's Email Address: [email protected]

Reference Number: 012014

Message: this would be my second request for someone to look into the numerous errors that ocwen has placed on my account. now my account is five months past due. this is due to a approved loan mod. dated June 25,2013,than a denial dated august 28, 2013. than a recon deration dated October 28, 2013. but account was never adjusted to show time lost due to countless errors. I made three payments in Dec. 2013 all were rejected. looking for my account to reflect mistakes and a new relationship manager who inform me.

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