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Country United States
State Azerbaijan
City Wilmington
Address 2711 Centerville Road Suite 400
Phone 8007462936
Website www.ocwencustomers.com

Ocwen Mortgage Reviews

  • May 8, 2014

I paid my mortgage for May two weeks in advance. The next day, I paid my mortgage for June. The next day I paid my mirtgage for July (each time i waited until a new bill was generated on my account online). The next day I went to pay my mortgage for August and my account was still showing the July payment as being due. I looked to see if my payment had processed and it did, but they only applied a portion of the payment to the escrow account. The other $533 was missing. I called customer service to inquire about this part of the payment and was told it went towards fees (that just happened to total the exact same amount as the remainder of my payment after escrow). I asked WHAT fees? What are the fees for? Who assessed them? And why I had not heard about them until now?

After putting me on hold four times for an overall period of approximately 20 minutes, I was told they were fees from the loan being transferred from Indy Mac back in November. I asked why these fees were asessed because when my second loan was transferred from Indy Mac to Citi, there was no fee assessed. Besides, I never asked for the transfer and I would not have agreed to it after reading reviews on Ocwen had I been consulted in the matter.

She could not tell me who assessed the fees and could not explain why it is now almost the end of April and I am just now hearing about a fee that was supposedly assessed in November. They have always accepted my monthly payments without any mention of additional fees.

Now the problem exists that I have given this company a whole mortgage payment that was only authorized to be withdrawn from my account to pay a bill that stated July 2014 mortgage payment. I never granted permission for this rip-off company to withdraw the money from my account for any other reason than to apply to my mortgage payment for July 2014.

Do NOT trust this company. There are no documents because she could not locate them (and even if there were I should have seen them long before now).

I really need to know how to get away from this company.

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