Country Canada
State Estonia
City Burnaby
Address 4664 Lougheed Hwy., Suite 230
Phone 1 866 339 6006
Website www.odenzavacations.com/

Odenzavacations.com Reviews

  • Oct 31, 2014

I redeemed a voucher through Odenza for my Honeymoon this past year. Because my reservation accidentally got cancelled, they gave me an "upgrade" worth an almost $2000 total. When we got to our honeymoon, the hotel was atrocious!! There was hair on the floor, the air conditioner was broken, our appliances were broken and it was completely run down. We actually had to LEAVE our honeymoon after not being able to get through to the company and pay hundreds of additional dollars out of pocket for another, much better hotel that Three Springs Travel booked me. (Three Springs was amazing, by the way!! They took genuine care to make sure the hotel was in top notch shape and even told them it was our honeymoon, so we got a special welcome!)

Because I had another voucher to redeem with Odenza, I called to tell them about our bad experience. I got a refund of only half of my security deposit. While I like to think I'm reasonable, I simply asked what they company would do to ensure this would not happen again with our future trips, I was told, "We can't do anything. Don't take them if you don't want to. If we refunded every unsatisfied customer, we'd be out of business." Not only does this mean they could care less about the happiness of their customers, it shows they get a LOT of complaints! They had NO interest in making us happy in the future. They told me that I should be lucky I got that much back. Yes...I'm so lucky my honeymoon was almost ruined. Thanks Odenza....

After investing thousands of dollars in a company that gained me these promotions, I was appalled at the lack of customer service. I had three vouchers and they told me I was only allowed one. After complaining, they then let me use two. So after investing in three vouchers, I lost a complete trip due to the lack of organization through the company.

I noticed this company does whatever it can to scam you for your money. It's a below-average company for the money I paid. DO NOT invest your money into the company. Go somewhere else. As a matter of fact, you'd be happier staying home.

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