Off 7th Hair Salon

Country United States
State New York
City Centereach
Address 115 Mark Tree Rd
Phone 631-471-6354

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  • May 18, 2015

Please DO NOT go to off seventh to get your hair done!!! The man SAL who claims he owns it (really his wife does) is unprofessional rude and degrades not only his employees but his clients...... I have been a client there for over 6years I have brought in over 7 new clients and not once did I get a thank you a 10% off or a free service that's not even the issue but knowing what I know and see now about him it's all very clear to me how he conducts business..... This man is selfish he only cares about him he pays his employees when he FEELS like it he never DONATES to any causes or even sponsor any local activities !! He TOOK away giving coffee and tea to clients cause he wanted to save money.....which goes to show that the clients that go there mean nothing that you take away the littlest thing just to save a buck...... Who does that? What kind of OWNER does that? The one who only cares about what he can get out of it nothing else .....will save money but will still not offer any perks to our clients or our employees ........

I had my hair done last week I am a regular I am there faithfully EVERY week for a service last week I went in for color and highlights I had an appointment this week and I needed my hairdresser to fix the front of my hair (where I still had grey) he decides to FIRE her who is almost 8 months pregnant ...... They put me in with someone else and then call me and cancel and say there too BUSY to fit me in and that I should no longer go there .....,..mind you I have been a client for 6years and I am in there all the time When I call back to say I need my hair fixed it was jus done last week if you don't want me there then please give me back my money so I can get it fix or have someone fix it I spent almost 200 the week before why should I go elsewhere? To spend more money when OFF 7th should fix it Sal gets on the phone and states that (so and so) did my hair she don't work there no more and I should have her fix it.....first off (so and so) doesn't work there cause you FIRED HER and she's was pregnant on top of does that become my issue? He said that he already paid her for what she did last week and he won't give me my money back either!! I need to go have her fix my hair ....seriously so you fire someone and now cause of that you won't fix my hair??? WOW can we say unprofessional !!!!!! Funny that I didn't pay her I paid OFF 7th to do my hair so wouldn't it be OFF7th responsibility to fix my hair??

He lost all his great hairdressers all cause he don't know how to run his business accordingly please don't go there you will regret it ....they are NOT who they say they are they don't stand behind there name!!!! And all the pictures on there sites are from stylists that are no longer there......... He has people who were jus washing hair last week cutting hair this week all cause he as no one else to do hair......I don't know about YOU but I want someone who is experienced to do my hair especially since it's "supposed" to be a HIGH END salon and it's pricey who wants an assistant who don't have a license working on your hair....... I DONT BUT THATS WHAT YOU WILL GET IF YOU GO THERE!!! I have heard him degrade these woman call one of them retarded and tell them to lose weight and put more makeup on this is disgusting you don't talk down and bully people cause you are in charge and people deal with it cuz they need a job!!!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!! This man should not allowed to have a business he is a fraud a con artist..

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