Online Land Sales LLC

Country United States
State Nevada
City Zephyr Cove
Address PO Box 948
Phone (530) 725-8671

Online Land Sales LLC Reviews

  • Jun 11, 2015

I had bought 5.86 acres of land cheap from online land sales 6 months ago because we wanted to start a small farm and with their prices that is all we could afford. At the time we lived 12 hours away so we could not drop everything and go check it out before we bought it. So once we move to the area, we drive to our land only to find out that there is no "A frame cabin" build on it just a pile of its remains. The road to our land was a muddy mess and huge mud holes in the road that was tough to get through even with four wheel drive. The bridge was about to callaps and it sat next to a tree that will one day put the bridge out of order. There is no other was out of the land other than that bridge and being privatly owned it was up to the people whom lived in the area to pay to get it repaired as well as the road. What we did not know it if there were other poeple living there with the same idea as us. Apparently over the winter several others had moved in with small sheads that would become their new home. Cheap land no morgage. Sounds like a dream. Until you accually meet the neighbors...some were nice others were ignorant, the couple living next to our lot had used an "UNCONTROLLED BURN" to rid there lot of the tall thick grasses burning into three other lots. As we started to build other neighbors became curious or of ideas so they tread onto our lot appreantly to sniff around, we had some of our equipment stolen from us becase we lifed an hour away from the dig site and thought if we can life with this community then we should trust them...we were wrong!

After our home and car was struck by lightning we thought hard about our finances, and decided to turn the land back over to the owners and just in time for the 6 months return or keep phase. So we told the company we wanted to return our lot. After I had given them plenty of time to return my money there still was no sign of it in my account or mail. i sent emails and called several times just to be able to get a hold of the only person I had talked to, yet she was no where to be found. I knew i was not getting my $1,200 that i had put in on the lot because they took out 9% intrest and most of the fist few months they take a lot of it goes to nothing but intrest. I get on to my account that is on their website to see how mush money i had accually pay for principle and they had deleted all of my payment records. and the land i returned had already be bought by some other poor sucker. So i gave it one last try and called telling the telephone operators that i have had enought of this and let them know i can give you my email AGAIN and my phone number AGAIN but it will do NO good. And asked if the lady i had been working with this whole time was even still with the company because I wanted to talk to HER! and i wake up this morning and find that the FINALLY gave me..some of the money back. like I said i paid over a thousand dollar and only got back $206.00...Two hundred and six dollars. WOW that 9% intrest hit like a rock!

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