Orangutan Home Services

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Address 2922 S Roosevelt St
Phone (602) 906-0111
Website www.oservice.com/

Orangutan Home Services Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2015

From June 17 to July 6 I had a broken down Trane under warranty, American Home Service put it in--- Then American Home Service became Orangutan Home Service. On May 27, 2015—called Orangutan as I heard a grinding sound from my a/c unit. Stated everything was up to speck—but could be the condenser going out. June 16—that even was the start of this nightmare--- Orangutan Home Service, had long waits on the phone, never returned phone calls. Stated it was Trane’s fault as they wouldn’t ship the part for 5 to 10 days. Finally provided a room a/c unit after 9 days. On June 30 went down to check on status of parts—as they wouldn’t return my calls. They stated the parts guy quit, and didn’t know the status.July 2—came out to install—but didn’t have the fan, or the correct part.. July 3—came back still didn’t have the fan motor—installed a non trane motor and said it would be fine. Called back as it wasn’t sending air out.—Turned off motor—July 4—Was told my part would be installed on Monday from 3-5—Called Monday July 6—was told they never said that.. At that point I told them they better get my a/c done—or I was going to call every TV news channel.. Reply by gal—I guess I better find someone to go and get the part. At 4:30 tech showed up to put in part.

Called Trane—and informed them--- about this unethical company--- and they provided other service company names.

  • Sep 17, 2014

Asked what I should be looking for in replacement A/C, i.e. warrenty, Seer rating, asked for 3 choices, told features & beneifits of all, made a selection based on thier recommendation, information was incomplete & misleading, neither company has addressed my complaint or seem interested now they have my money, especially Orangutan, who's companies folder, states if you,re not pleased, our fee is free?

  • Sep 15, 2014

Orangutan came to my house (through Home Depot) to do a service call on my air conditioner. I had never had them out before. The person who came out said my air conditioner system needed avariety of repairs. He filled out an invoice listing the intems needed and said he was discounting many of the items. He also sold me a three year service plan for $531. This would be 6 services as I understood it.

I subsequently found out that their prices for anything are very high and I called to request a refund of my service plan, less the one call I had used. This request was within 4 months of buying the service plan. They declined to refund me anything saying the discounts were more than what I paid for the service plan, therefore no refund. This is outrageous!

If they decide to discount something, it has nothing to do with a refund on something totally different. This policy was not expained by the salesman. Additionally, it is possible that the prices of the discounted items were inflated, the discounts bogus, and the entire thing a scheme to make an excuse for no refund on something not used.

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