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  • Sep 3, 2014

Oranum and its fake psychics - I am writing this to warn people about the popular psychic site oranum and to report on all the psychics I have used that have given false and wrong readings to me iver the past year.

the list of psychics that are fake and or frauds are as follows -

Justice mind - this is a college kid who plays with his cards amongst other things - he has never been correct at all. He thinks reading for you is a "game". I would save yoru money on this one.

Cloud song - she pread for me many times and when I went in to ask her why her predictions never came true she flipped out and told people she never read to me- I posted on her wall to ask why and she took it down - total scam artist - she didnt even want to address me calmly and look back into matters to see what happened - she blocked me - one has to wonder why she wouldnt address ths issue ? ***ALSO ***she is totally unethical as well as she shares her notes with her daughter (who will be listed next) and her friend spirit wonders, and sonic nova, this ring of psychics shares notes on you so if they get anything right on the first reading to blow you away this is why. After that they fizzle out and are wrong. Cloud you need to wipe that smug little smirk off yoru fat face and stop scamming people. Nothing Cloud said ever happened, not even months later. Nothing, zilch, nada. not even one tiny thing and she was really smug and confident when she told me what would "definitely happen". Better keep your job at the grass farm lady. Im no psychic but Im gonna predict after word gets out that this wont be such a fruitful career for you.

Angel lite- she is cloud songs daughter she also JUST discovered her psychic skills, same time as mommy did - her readings for me were totally wrong nothing ever happened time came and went and nothing even months later nothing nothing nothing - so if you like her to tell you a nice pretty story and charge you for it by all means use her - but if you want the truth and a true psychic this girl is not the one for you - she shares notes with her mommy and spirit wonders.

Spirit wonders- shes a friend of the other two, she suggested that they "become psychic" too. SPirit wonders is a nasty old hag who talks to her dead grandmother - problem is that she has never been right for me and many others - my guess is that her dead old granny has dimensia - her spirits are out of whack - or maybe she herself is clouded from the angels ;) fake !! this old lady shares notes with cloud and angel - beware -

Madhu - you need to turn down the volume for this one - her voice is that of a nasty little rat - more in tune of what one would sound like if running ones nails down a chalkboard - she read for me about half dozen times - not even one thing happened - when I went back to ask her why she blocked me - I went back in to ask again she blocked me and called me a troll - shes about as psychic as a wet rat in a paper bag .....

Sonic nova- shes a nutty one - although nice, her voice will drive you to want to kick a cat or worse kick a box of kittens - she is about as nutty as they come - not sure if her voice is real - go in to see her at your own risk and dont say i didnt warn you - NOTHING of what she told me came to pass - she also shares notes with her friends, cloud, spirit, and angel - be forwarned -

Psychic Fae - shes pretty much one of the biggest fakes on oranum - a welfare case living off the system it seems - she has predicted many things for me and guess what ?? THEY .........NEVER.........HAPPENED........and this lady tells you she is never wrong !!!! fake fake fake - she also stalks a guy on there who is also a reader claiming she is going to marry him and move to india - shes not "all there" -

Stellar door- she is a nice lady BUT she is not a real psychic - if you tune into her room nightly you will witness her having weekly major melt downs over a guy she met on the internet and claimed she dated for years who did her wrong - she will have rants about running across country to save him from the demons she claims made him run from her - she will claim the illuminati are after god kows who, it depends on the night lol - she will also talk about many other crazy things - as I mentioned, I have witness her major mental melt downs right in her room on video - why oranum keeps her employed as a psychic is beyond me - its not professional to sit there and cry you reyes out on camera for everyone to see - she is emotionally unstable - she is a total basket case - I would suggest that she go to seek counselling because she is just crazy mentally - she goes back and forth between that and normal and then somewhere about what a crack whore would act like on a nightly basis - she is truly unstable - is this who you truly want as your psychic ?? - I had readings with her and found her info to be inaccurate - I do however like the way she reads, but the point isnt a side show scam to entertain us, the point is to give the customer a real reading - proceed with caution on this one - she also says people stalk her when she is in fact the one who actually stalk people - case in point a man who she had what she called a relationship with yet never met him then when he wanted nothing to do with her she was going to go across the country to him to help him rid himself of the demons she claimed made him run from her -- Im pretty much guessing her stalking is what made him run lol

Ki Oracle -otehrwise known as bunnydoosh is her friend along with justice mind by the way - they all "share" info -she once spilled her dead cats ashes in a demo and when she did that her other cat had a seizure on camera.........I had no words for that !! you see it all on oranum !!!!

Shri Balajee is another one - very nice but nothing he ever said happened - he calls everyone "my friend" etc, he has never been right for me or any of my friends who have tried him - his gentle demeanor makes you want to beleive him but in the end he is just like everyone else - FAKE !!

Skinny mouse- this b*tch demands your name and age as soon as you walk into the room so she can take notes on you - yet she wont give her real name age or location - funny how that works isnt it !! ?? her readings never materialized for me at all -

Sonnypsychic - wes a real trip - he sees space ships and has told us that he has also been abducted by these spaceships to be examined by the aliens- one has to seriously wonder about his mental state - my guess is he was a bed wetter as a kid and had imaginary friends - he is friendly enough but he reads from a script which you can see him doing every day - its actually funny to watch - people r dumb !!!!

natalie psychic hasnt gotten out of bed since I joined - she reads from bed- she is not ill, I have asked, she is just lazy I guess -

wings of topaz- shes really nice but fake fake fake - shes just waiting for food stamps and spending her time in between doing readings on oranum -she resembles that of a crack whore in detox- she claims to talk to angels but from what Ive witnessed she hasnt been right with me as of yet - another person who claims yet it still to be seen - predictions came and went - nothing -

Lynda psychic medium is one of the BIGGEST FRAUDS I have encountered on oranum thus far - I told someone in another room it was my birthday just to test them, and wehn i went into her room immediately after she said she saw it was my birthday - I did that to prove that they share notes - the psychic I told it was my birthday was a friend of hers :) - it was NOT my birthday - they shared notes :) when I confronted her she flipped out and signed off - I reported her - fake fake fake !!!

Shanna stars - fun fact - she eats earwax !! I have seen her do it !! - maybe thats where she gets her psychic powers from ? who the hell knows - but nothing she predicted came true at all -

other psychics I have tried but nothing happened at all were - Heera, gloria knows, lady ren, AAA predict, Spiritual Sagg, Love Dr Nikki, Love Lake, Insight 2 light, Bartimeus, more to come :)

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  • Apr 17, 2015

LIFE CURANDERA A.K.A. Spirtual Ginger on Oranum and CeresLove Eye on Supreme Psychics. She is a complete scam artist. Don't waste your time going to her at all. She tells you that she can do all these spells for love, money, relatonships, and other things but they DON't work. She also tells you that you can order different candles from her and she can help you once you receive the candles. I bought 5 candles from here 2 weeks ago which was April 2, 2015. I kept coming to her telling her that i haven't received and she was like oh they are going to be there within 2-4 days and they never did arrive at my mailbox. She is a phony and is out to get your money. I paid out over $300 foolign around with her because i thought i could trust her and she told me she was real and can help me with my situation. But it was all a LIE. Don't fall for her tricks because she will get you. Her readings are never accurate and neither are her so called predictions.

I am a witness of this so i am giving you all a warning not to even waste your time nor money trying to get any kind of help for her. She talks all nice in free chat but thats only to pull you in. I even did a reading with her on a website called Supreme Psychics. Her name on there is CeresLoveEye and she told me a bunch of bull. Told me this and that was going to happen and it never did. I hate i ever went to her and my hard earned money has gone down the drain. And i am very upset. I even have a friend that lives in California where some of her shops are located and she gave my friend her number to keep her updated on what goes on. She never did answer her phone nor returned any of my friend calls. Once again she is a SCAM don't go to her you will regret that you did.

  • Nov 19, 2014


Everything you said , is all true! Nice read.....lol

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